1-3 Oct 2018 Toulouse (France)


The workshop takes place in October 2018, from Monday 1 to Wednesday 3. The detailed program is available here (web page) or here (pdf). See also the abstracts here.


Riccardo Adami, Torino (web page)

Anne-Sophie Bonnet-BenDhia, ENSTA Paris (slides) (web page)

Jean-Marc Bouclet, Toulouse (slides) (web page)

Gabriele Brüll, Karlsruhe (web page)

Elek Csobo, Delft / Toulouse (slides

Thomas Duyckaerts, Paris 13 (slides) (web page)

François Genoud, Lausanne (slides) (web page)

Anna Geyer, Delft (web page)

Lysianne Hari, Besançon (slides) (web page)

Romain Joly, Grenoble (slides) (web page)

Zhong Wang, Foshan (slides) (web page)



Stefan Le Coz and Julien Royer

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